Heartfelt thanks to our Fall 2021 Onward Donors. With your help we raised $23,900!   September - December.

THE 150 LEVEL                                                      

Robin & Steve Markussen, Ona & Ken Willingham,  Sandra Lyman

Walder IP Law.

Glen and Amy Henry, Dorian Bahr, Nancy & Nelson Wilson, Linda Pelfrey, Kyle & Brenda Bromley, Kathy & Russell Ramsland, Carolyn Denison, Texas Bank & Trust,
Randolph & Diana Wright,  James Kildebeck, Celeste & Robert Craig.

Dennie & Jim Pocsik, Cindy & Frank McMillin,  Ruth Ellen & Bill Heaton
Alan Fields, Ann Partin, Erika Armstrong, The Richardson Woman's Club.


Debra Robinson, Margaret Filingeri, Melissa Harley, Jennifer Waters
Kelli Geyer, Mike Egan, Laura Davis, Helanie Sheridan, Greg Sowell
Martha & David Cordell, Ed Harp, Dorothy Freeman, Michael Newcum
Robert Faulkner, Bonnie Bell, Peggy Schaaf, Chelea Catalano
Helen Schneider, Paul and Barbara McNutt, Karen Hayes
Texas Instruments Foundation, Shyla Valentine, Mia Fisher, Carol Faulkner
Aaron Adair, Nicole Woodall, Lisa Hightower, Lynn  Allsup 
Carolyn Switzer, Karl M Aronsson, Bonnie  Barber, Eric Curtis,   
Gayle Ingle, Mary Fisher, Chynna Goree, Jennifer Davidson, Janet DePuy
Rachel Magadan, Tickets To TheCity, Kenneth & Sharon Lipshie, Elise Ponce
KyLea Ingram, Mary B Engelhardt, Courtney Cleveland
Maxwell Dempsey, Melissa Stoll Santucci. 

Concession Supplies:

1) Wine (red or white)

2) Canned Cokes, Diet Coke,


3) Full size candy bars

4) Sewing trim, buttons

5) Concession Bar Sponsors

6) Bottled Water


Did you know?

1) Royalties and music for each show range from $4,500 - $3,500.

2) Monthly facility cost is $14, 450.00

3) Our two follow spots are almost burned out

4) We need 2 LED motorized stage lights.

3) Program revenue (tickets, tuitions, etc) makes up less than 55% of our annual budget. The remaining 45% must come from the community we serve.

A Standing Ovation for our Sponsors!

COVID RELIEF SPONSOR:  Texas Commission on the Arts

                                              SBA-SVOG,  COR

SEASON SPONSORS         Richardson Arts Commission

                                              Texas Commission on the Arts

To Our Donors

Repertory Company Theatre is  supremely grateful that we have been able to continue to provide quality theater and theater arts education over the past year.  It’s only because of you, our Donors.

You’re the reason we’re here and why we’re surviving the impact of the pandemic. As we continue to recover, we’re asking our patrons to help us ensure the future of our theater. Your support will be used to bring the best in local theater this year. When you invest in Repertory Company Theatre you become part of the RCT Family.

THE 150 is a new campaign that will insure the stability of our theater in these uncertain times.  Our goal is to obtain 150 Sponsorships. That's 150 donors this year in the levels below.   A one time donation or monthly support will keep our doors open for 2022.

THE 150

 PLATINUM SPONSOR                                                                        $5,000-$2,000

   Platinum listing in our monthly e mail newsletter and on our web site, includes

   a Corporate link.   The 150 Lobby banner signage.

   Show Sponsorship. Special Thanks at each performance. Listing on preshow

   AV and show programs.  VIP Box for the performance of your choice.


GOLD SPONSOR                                                                                 $1,000

   150  Lobby banner signage.

   Show Sponsorship. Special Thanks at each performance. Listing on preshow

   AV and show programs.  VIP Box for the performance of your choice.


SILVER SPONSOR                                                                                 $500

    Show Sponsorship. Special Thanks a each performance. Listing on preshow AV

    And show programs.  VIP Box for the performance of your choice.


More ways to help.....

NEW FOLLOW SPOT SPONSOR                            $400    

MOTORIZED STAGE LIGHT                                      250                                     


   Signage at our Concession Bar sponsor and listing on our web site.

SUSTAINING DONOR                                               $50-$25

   Special thanks listing on our web site.

All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.