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Join us this Holiday Season.  One Day More!

During the COVID Shutdown, RCT needed your help to survive.
Thank you all 234 of you who stepped up to keep our lights on. 
Now, we need your support to get back on the road to recovery.
Funds will be used for rent, utilities, sets and costumes.
 Surviving the next few months is crucial.
One Day More Goal:   $20,000       

November 1st – December 31st.                        

 CONCESSION BAR SPONSOR                                                     $2,000
Your name or Company name will receive a large wall Banner on the Concession Bar wall.  Listing as a Gold Sponsor on our Web Site and Newsletter. VIP Box Seats to the show of your choice. 

LOVE IS AN OPEN DOOR SPONSOR                                            1,000
Theater Door Sponsor. Receive a Plaque with your name on one of our four Theater Door entrances. Listing as a Silver Sponsor on our Web Site and Newsletter. VIP Box Seats to the show of your choice. 

SHOW SPONSORSHIP                                                                       500
Sponsorship of the show of your choice.  Your name is listed
on web site, e mail newsletters, preshow  advertising AV. 

RCT 360 SPONSOR                                                                             250
Your Name or Company will be listed & mentioned during a weekly Webcast of RCT360. 

ONE DAY MORE SUSTAINING DONOR                                      200-25

Your name will be listed on our web site and newsletter.
All donations are tax deductible 

Survival Campaign  September-October

Thank you so much for your support.  


Debra Zudekoff, Texas Bank & Trust, Wayne Kelli Landry Geyer, Cindy McMillin
Jay Marks Real Estate, Nelson and Nancy Wilson, Carolyn SwitzerRobin Markussen,  Joshua HarleyJennifer Waters, Jimmy-lee Beard, Alan and Andrea Ingram, Laura Davis, Kris and Deedra Scherm, Fannie Davis, Ken and Sharon Lipshie, Sally & Samuel Davidson, Bill & Ruth Ellen Heaton, Megan Demsky, Sandra Witherspoon, Roger Zudekopff, Martha & David Cordell, Mike Egan, Textron, Wandernook Theatre
Mitzi & Dave Hubbard, Arianna Reyher, Robin Markussen, Melissa & Joshua Harley
Carolyn Switzer, Jennifer Waters, Ruth Powers, William, Kelli, Landry Geyer, Candi & Stephen Walder, Andrea Ingram, Laura Davis, Donna Tomenga, Mike Egan
Keith Burchfield, Janet Schramm

Total: $7.139

   * monthly donors

                               THANK YOU TO OUR NORTH                                     TEXAS GIVING DAY DONORS!

Vivian Reed, Aronsson Family, Stacy & Scott Vollmer, Lori Swarner, Rachel Ratcliff

George Brown, Bonnie Bell, Chelsea & Jacob Catalano, Bob & Carol Faulkner, Summer Stern Family, Ashley Boyd, Kara Altenbaumer-Price, Jimmi & Karyn Wright, Kenefick Family, Helen B Schneider, Jennifer Waters, Jeannie Johnson, Jocelyn Jullie, Joley Curtis, Marilyn & James Martin, David & Hawana Townsley, Mary Boyter,   Gail Beyrle, The Cooley Family, Eddy Herring, Missy & Tim Griffy, Holly Caskey, Mike & Jane Dempsey, Tickets to the City, Jack & Melva Smith, In memory of Nikki Jackson King, Sharon E Sugarek, Janet DePuy, The Santucci Family, Beth and Dave Engelhardt, Chynna Goree, Dr and Mrs Erick Chang-Tung, Jessica Cope, Arianna Reyher

Total: $4,615