Repertory Company Theatre is a non profit Theatre serving the Richardson, North Dallas, Plano area for 33 years*. Each Season the Theatre presents Broadway Musicals, Classic Plays and Special Presentations performed by our acclaimed REP Company.   In addition our School of Musical Theatre provides year round Theatre Arts Education through Workshops and Classes for ages 8-18.

Repertory Company Theatre is located at our new Driegert Theatre, 770 N Coiit, Richardson, TX 75080. (165 seats).

Rep Theatre is a Non equity House with paid professional Staff & Production Personnel.  REP Actors are not paid for Main Stage Show. Auditions for the REP Company are the 2nd weekend in January.

Voted "best theatre...." by Dallas Morning News Neighbors & Richardson Living Magazine;  "best theatre classes for children" by The Dallas Observer.

Nickelodeon Parents' Pick.

AUDIENCES...  (9,000+ per season)
I attended the December performance of Les Miserables and want to express my appreciation to all of you for one of the best performances I have ever seen. Thank you are small words to express my heartfelt gratitude for Debra Carter and her excellent company of actors who time after time continue to give us quality theater year after year. We are all so fortunate for RCT and how it has enriched our lives.

~ Terry Ryan, Red Hats

* Customer Base

  15% Richardson,     85% Dallas, Plano, Garland, Other

* REP Company Base

    19% Richardson,      81% Dallas, Plano, Garland, Other


Production Staff

Debra Carter-Executive Artistic Director

Laura Alley-Director of Education, Main Stage Director, Music Director.

Michelle Levall-Main Stage Director, Choreographer

Eric Gray (Stage Corp)-Lighting design, TD Services

Michelle Hawkins-Lighting Design

Jasmine Simpson-choreographer

Kim Buchly-Choreographer

David Powers-sound engineer

Colin Partin-sound technician

Michael Reddington-boar op

Mia Washington-Director's assistant

Sara Muir-Director's assistant

Ian Jackson-crew

Nelson Wilson- Stage Manager

John Stuart-Stage Manager

Emily Haueisen-scenic artist

Celeste Youngblood-costumer

Patty Parker-box office

Elizabeth Wolcott-Spot Op

Cathy Killeen- Outreach Coordinator, Special Events

The Wood Shop-set construction


REP Company 2015

Ashley Agnew, Jack Agnew, Laura Alley, Gary Anderson, Bonnie Bell, Rachael Bernstein, Chad Bozarth, Lexie Bradley, Kim Buchley, Andrew Burns, Jacob Catalano, Brittany Charles, Kirk Corley,

Chris Edwards, Haley Ellis, Mia Fisher, Rachel hall, Josh Hepola, Jarvon Hughes, Kylea Ingram, Michelle Levall, Budd Mahan, Jennifer McMillin, Jarrod McRae, Danny Miranda, Lori Nuti, Loree Westbrooks, Jennifer Quiros, Nancy Ray, Arianna Reyher, Jessi Stegall, Emily Stephenson, Becca Tischer, Nick Tischer, Scott Vollmer, Sarah Wagoner, Nelson Wilson, Chelsea Wolfe, Amanda Durbin, Katie Kilpatrick Mikayla Moses, Jake Inman, Sadat Hossain, Quintin Jones, Kelly Schaaf, Becky Warner, Nora Scott, Hope Morgan, Amanda Thompson, John Badar, Deedra Scherm, Eduardo Valdasol, Sophie Pervere, Ann Parks, Cordree Johnson, Richard Campbell, Jordan Tomenga, Rachel Ratcliff.