We're Your Theater

Over the past 37 years, Repertory Company Theatre has become a mainstay in the Richardson/North Dallas/Plano community with approximately 10,000 patrons annually.  With a reputation of artistic merit, RCT has received numerous acting/directing nominations (Broadway World-Dallas) and voted “best theater company”- DMN Guide, Richardson Living Magazine; “best director” – The Dallas Observer.  Rep Theatre presents a complete Season of Broadway Musicals and Classic Plays performed by our acclaimed REP Company actors (72 members). In addition RCT provides year round theater arts education for youth through workshops and classes. 

Over the years, RCT has gained a reputation for professionalism with our quality, main stage productions and our dedication to cultivating and nurturing  youth through our educational programs. We are proud to know our reputation stems from word-of-mouth of those who have enjoyed our productions for generations and worked alongside our professional team of local actors, directors, designers, choreographers and technicians.  We exist because of the talented artists and the generous support of our community. We know you can spend your entertainment dollar wherever you wish. It is our responsibility to assure you that the dollars and time you spend at RCT are well worth it.        

AUDIENCES...  (10,000+ per season)
I attended the December performance of Les Miserables and want to express my appreciation to all of you for one of the best performances I have ever seen. Thank you are small words to express my heartfelt gratitude for Debra Carter and her excellent company of actors who time after time continue to give us quality theater year after year. We are all so fortunate for RCT and how it has enriched our lives.

~ Terry Ryan, Red Hats

* Customer Base

  15% Richardson,     85% Dallas, Plano, Garland, Other

* REP Company Base

    19% Richardson,      81% Dallas, Plano, Garland, Other




Robert Driegert-President,  Patty Parker-Vice President, Candace Walder-Secretary,  Glenn Henry-Treasurer, Robin Markussen, Grant Switzer,

Beth Kolman, Sharon Lipshie,  Vivian Reed

Production Staff

Debra Carter-Executive Artistic Director, Director

Cathy Killeen- Assistant Director, Development

Laura Alley- Main Stage Director, Music Director, Instructor.

Michelle Levall-Main Stage Director, Choreographer, Instructor

Eric Gray (Stage Corp)-Lighting design, TD Services

Aaron Ingersoll-  Lighting Design, Audio Visual

Josh Hensley- Lighting Design, Tech Support

Jasmine Simpson-choreographer

Kim Buchly-Choreographer

David Powers-sound engineer

Colin Partin-sound technician

Hawana Townsley-board op

Loree Westbrooks- instructor

Amanda Durbin- Assistant Director, Instructor

Phillip Slay- Assistant Director, Instructor

John Stuart- TD

Emily Haueisen-scenic artist

Patty Parker-box office

Celeste Craig- box office, administrative assistant

The Wood Shop-set construction