​​​​​​​​​REP COMPANY AUDITIONS 2023 will be held Saturday, January 14, 1:00-5:00. 

(in person) at RCT.   Open Call. Non equity. Adults only (16+)

* Bring resume, head shot and prepared song

     (pianist provided. tracks welcome)

* Cold Read or Dance Call backs are on Sunday January 15, 2:00.

* Main stage shows are cast through the REP Company troupe.

* If you are not able to attend, please send your resume to rcttheatre@aol.com and we will keep it on file if additional casting needs come up.  However, most casting is done through our REC.

2022 REP Company

Jack Agnew, Phil Alford, David Allsup, Laura Alley, Aaron Adair, Christian Black, Heath Bromley, Taylor Baxter, Brooke Bishop, Michael Christian, Timothy Crisp, Jacob Catalano, Chelsea Catalano, Taylor Coffin, Kevin Clark, Brittany Charles, Megan Demsky, Jeremy Duncan, Amanda Durbin, Mike Egan, Sarah Frame, Brandi Giles, Chynna Goree,  Logan Gaconnier, Devon Harper, Ruth Ellen Heaton, Mark Hall, Eddy Herring, Josh Hepola, Garrett Holton, Brian Hokanson, Kylea Ingram, Laura Jennings,  Jarrod McRae,  Kelsey McFarland, Whitney Morris, Kristen Purvis, Ella Martin, Jennifer McMillin, Elise Ponce, Steve Rios, Caitlin Rodda,  Jason Rodda, Rachel Ratcliff,  Nick Sanders, Alex Ramsland, Peggy Schaaf, Ashley Sanders, Deedra Scherm,  Emily Stephenson, Noah Sowalskie, Kristi Smith,  Kirsten Simmons, Phillip Slay, Emily Theis, Jordan Tomenga, Mary Thrasher,  Sydney Turnbow,   Amanda Thompson, Becca Tischer,  Ally Van Deuren, Scott Vollmer, Sophia Wheeler, Andrea Wilson, Jacob Waters, Loree Westbrooks, Nelson Wilson, Kathryn Williams, Mia Washington.

....Looking forward to seeing each of you on our Stage.