2020-2021 Season Shows

Radio Show Series: Arsenic & Old Lace-Sept 18-27,  Dracula!- October 16-25, It's A Wonderful Life- December 11-20, 2020.

2021: Love Letters-February 5-14Spamalot-COVID Concert Edition-March 19-28,  Broadway's Best-April 16-25, Camelot-June 18-27,

Big Fish-July 23-August 1,  The Wizard of Oz-August 20-29.

Tickets Sales are non refundable. 

Your Safety is our primary concern. We have complete CDC Safety Protocols in Place for Shows and Programming.  Including Disinfecting Hospital Grade Hazer in theater before Performances.  Our HVAC system is also vented to the Outside. 

2021 SUMMER MUSICALS Tickets on sale Now. Call Box Office  972-690-5029.

In order to better comply with Safety Protocols and to keep you safe, we have rescheduled our Summer Musicals.

Season Tickets Holders: your tickets will be good for the replacement shows, same day, same time.

​​Our Audiences Speak Out!

There aren't enough superlatives to describe yesterday's experience as we watched Bye, Bye Birdie unfold on stage!  Everything about it was A-One, Excellent, Engrossing Entertainment. What a happy relief to have 2 hours of unadulterated bliss and laughter....free of the daily stress of grim, news headlines. The Richardson Red Hatters and I marveled at the outstanding cast of  talented performers, the direction, staging and the choreography!  It rivaled the best musicals you can enjoy on the Broadway stage today. There is just as much  professionalism, not to mention HUGELY talented actors, right here in Texas.       I am going to see On Your Feet on  Broadway in early October and I hope that it will be as good as Bye, Bye Birdie!   Continued Success from some of your biggest fans,
~Terry Ryan and The Richardson Red Hatters

 I am so glad "Steel Magnolias" continues to be produced after 29 years.  Thank you so much for telling my sister's and mother's story. I know my brother will be proud!     ~ John Harling

We saw Beauty and the Beast, Saturday night at Repertory Company Theatre  with Frank Bowles,Patricia Rios Gonzalez, Judy Burchfield and her husband Keith. What an outstanding performance. The costuming was out of this world, especially the Beast. Aimee Mahoney as Belle was perfect, what an incredible voice and she is Beauty. We would have turned right around and watched it again. Kudos to Rachel Ratcliff (Mrs Potts) for holding her arm in position for so long without any support. Also kudos to Jarrod McRae for taking such a physical beating being thrown all over the stage all night, he must feel like he's been in a car wreck by the end of he performance. The choreography by Amanda Durbin was wonderful. The whole cast out did themselves on this. Thanks to everyone for such a great evening and a special thanks to  Debra Carter. Of course Dave and I and Frank and Tricia had to go to Braums get hot fudge sundaes after the show. Ice cream it seems is becoming a tradition for the 4 of us, LOL~ Mitzi Hubbard

Congratulations to Broadway World Dallas....nominees:  Amanda Thompson (best supporting actress-Singin in the Rain), Nelson Wilson (best supporting actor-To Kill a Mockingbird),  Carlos Strudwick (best supporting actor-Grease), Grease (best musical), Debra Carter (best director-To Kill a Mockingbird),  Brittany Charles (best choreographer-Cats),  Cats (best ensemble), Kym Buchly (best supporting actor-Singin in the Rain),  Jasmine Simpson (best choreographer-Grease), Celeste Youngblood (best costumes-Cats)....

and Best Actor Winner- Gary Anderson-To Kill a Mockingbird!

" RCT Theatre... has hosted a terrific production of a glorious Broadway staple. "Damn Yankees" with music by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross.
The key role of the devil, Mr. Applegate, is wonderfully fulfilled by Jordan Tomenga. He has many tricks up his shiny sleeves to mislead the team. But he is not alone. Loree Beth Westbrooks plays Gloria, the spunky reporter who digs for the story of Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo. and brings down the house. "Joe" is played by Brian Hokanson who delivers a solid (Tab Hunter like) performance. If you remember, Tab played that part in the movie. Lola is the sidekick of Applegate and Kim Swarner knocks it out of the ballpark. Whatever Lola wants indeed.
And now the ball players. Jarrod McRae is one of those fabulous utility players who does it all well and this is no exception. His dance and singing leadership leads the entire team. And not to forget the chorines: Jessica Kalil brings great energy to the giggling ladies in the chorus. Bravo to all. This production, with all of the vital ingredients on hand: a comic star, comely chorines, great melodies, and a happy ending make for a audience pleasing show".  Carl Youngberg

" I saw your production (Guys & Dolls) last Sunday and I have to say that it is the best ever. The men's singing and dancing chorus was spot on and loved the choreography.  Adelaide and Nathan's duet was fantastic.  Tell Debra, her new season is starting out to be a line up of great hits. I have told a lot of my friends and am sending this on to them.  Hopefully, they too will show up and enjoy it. ~ Mary Boyter

"Just when I think you guys can't get any better, you put on Xanadu. 😂 That show was FABULOUS and I think it's our favorite production now from the last couple of years we've been attending. You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!" Stephanie  Vorndran


April 16-25.
 Cast One: April 16-18
 Cast Two: April 23-25
Fr/Sat 7:30, Sun 2:00
Tickets: $35 (reserved seating, CDC protocols)
Box Office: 972-690-5029.
call box office if you do not see what you need on line
The bright lights of Broadway are coming to Repertory Company Theatre in a much anticipated musical celebration from the Golden Age to Contemporary Musicals.  Broadway’s Best: Then and Now will feature two different casts of performers
Proceeds from the event will go to support RCT’s summer programming.  Show Patron Sponsors:  Robin & Steve Markussen, Walder IP Law, Julie & Bob Driegert


June 18-27

Replaces Newsies

Big Fish

July 23-Aug 1

Replaces Annie

The Wizard of Oz

Aug 20-29


Legally Blonde


SOCIAL DISTANCING: audience, staff, volunteers should leave 6’ distance to the person closest to them. 
6’ Safety Markers in Lobby and Bathrooms
Partitions at Box Office and Concessions
Stanchions placed for distancing at Entrance and Concessions.
Seating in the Theater~  36 sq ft per unrelated group. Reserved seating.  Seating Limited. 
Bathroom attendance will be monitored.  Limited to 2-3 persons inside lobby restroom at one time.

Disinfectant spray will be available in each stall for patron's convenience. 
Egress from the theater will be scheduled by Ushers following the performance.   
HAND WASHING:  audiences, staff, actors and volunteers are asked to wash or sanitize their hands upon enter the building, leaving the restrooms and departing the building. Hand Sanitizing stations at entrances and exits.   Ushers will encourage hand sanitizing. 
GLOVES: Gloves will be worn by Ushers, Box Office Staff, Concessions 
FACE COVERINGS: Face coverings/masks will be worn by Ushers, Volunteers, Staff…and Audience members when entering the Lobby, Bathrooms or Theater.  Audience members may remove Masks when seated but must wear masks when moving about the theater.

If you do not have your own MASK, we will provide one for you. 
TEMPERATURE SCREENING:  temperature screening of Staff and Actors will  be taken at entrances to the building.  Anyone displaying a temperature over 100.4F will be denied entry.  INFECTION MITIGATION COORDINATOR will be present to orchestrate screenings (if needed) and compliance. 
CLEANING/SANITIZING:  Theater, bathrooms and lobby will be disinfected before each performance.  Cleaning/Sanitizing public areas, Restrooms, Offices, Dressing Rooms, Tech booth, Concessions. Cleaning logs will be kept. Bathroom stalls have spray sanitizer available.

OUTDOOR PROTOCOLS:   6' social distancing with cafe tables. Limit 2 persons per table.  Sanitizing stations available. Tables and chairs will be sanitized before use.   Patrons must wear Masks when entering the building for restroom visits.  Limit 3 persons in restroom at one time.  No outside food or beverages allowedAll concessions must remain on the Patio. 

RCT will add to and edit the Protocols as new information is received.   Your health and safety are important to us.