BOB DRIEGERT~ President                                Attorney at Law

PATTY PARKER~ Vice President                        American Airlines Center-Patron Box Office

ROBERT HUDSON~ Treasurer                          Subway  Restaurants, owner

MELISSA SANTUCCI~Secretary                         Texas Instruments, retired

KATHRYN EVANS                                                 University of Texas at Dallas, Arts & Humanities

BONNIE PERRY                                                    Richardson Chamber of Commerce

CAROLINE DENISON                                          Philanthropist

CINDY JACKSON                                                 Texas Bank & Trust, VP

SHARON LIPSHIE                                                Founding Board

BETH KOLMAN                                                   Richardson Chamber of Commerce

ROBIN MARKUSSEN                                          Industrial Hygienist, Consultant

GRANT SWITZER                                                 Price, Waterhouse Coopers

DEBRA CARTER                                                   Executive Artistic Director

RCT Board of Directors is the governing board of the theatre.  The Board meets quarterly.  Each Board member serves on a Standing Committee.

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   *  Marketing

   *  Outreach

   *  Special Events

Repertory Company Theatre educates, enlightens and builds community while enriching the quality of life through theatre arts.