BOB DRIEGERT~ President                                Attorney at Law

PATTY PARKER~ Vice President                        American Airlines Center-Patron Box Office

ROBERT HUDSON~ Treasurer                          Subway  Restaurants, owner

HILLARIE HOUGHTON~Secretary                    Blue Cross, Blue Shield

CAROLINE DENISON                                          Philanthropist

CINDY JACKSON                                                 Texas Bank & Trust, VP

SHARON LIPSHIE                                                Founding Board

BETH KOLMAN                                                   Richardson Chamber of Commerce

ROBIN MARKUSSEN                                          Industrial Hygienist, Consultant

GRANT SWITZER                                                 Price, Waterhouse Coopers

JAY MARKS                                                           Jay Marks Real Estate

DENNIS KRATZ                                                   UTD-AH

DEBRA CARTER                                                   Executive Artistic Director

RCT Board of Directors is the governing board of the theatre.  The Board meets quarterly.  Each Board member serves on a Standing Committee.

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Repertory Company Theatre educates, enlightens and builds community while enriching the quality of life through theatre arts.