APRIL 26, 27, 28

Thank you to Friends of the Library, UNIDOS, the Richardson Fire Department, The Continental Society, Islamic Art Revival, Amanda Tucker, Joe Travino, Jessica Kalil, Afsha Moosa, Deedra Scherm, Michelle Levall, Garrett Holton, Kristen Purvis, Canes Chicken, Top Pot Doughnuts, JC's Hambergers, The Dinner Table, Sharon Lipshie, Cathy Killeen, Patty Parker, Mike Carter. Ann and Charles Eisemann Arts Innovation Initiative. For your support of the Technicolor Family Arts Festival. #communitysupport. #buildingbridges

Bridges is a new Multicultural Arts Outreach Program designed to bring Cultural Groups, Arts Organizations, Artists and Communities together through performing arts. 
The goals for the Bridges Program are
* to build artistic bridges and break down cultural barriers between communities.
* to introduce Broadway Musicals and Theatre Arts  to all the differing local cultural groups thus strengthening our  community unity.
* to partner with existing artists, arts groups and businesses to preserve and expand performing arts and visual     arts  as a vital elements in our community.


OUR PARTNERS~   Texas Muslim Women's Foundation, Friends of the Library,  The Spectacular Follies, Continental Society-Dallas,  UNIDOS, Milaana Dance, Dallas Chinese Community Center. 

BRIDGES Multicultural Outreach

March 22 & 23

Partners~ The Senior Follies, Texas Muslim Women's Foundation, Islamic Art Revival, Dallas Chinese Community Center, Milanna Dance.

BRIDGES sponsored by the Ann & Charles Eisemann Arts Innovation Initiative